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Your questions

Why to choose salt?

Economical - 80% maintenance saving. No chlorine needed. 
Natural - Salt is a mild, natural antiseptic which does not bleach bathing suits or damage your hair. No more dry skin! 
Convenient - Just switch on the system and adjust the chlorine output. 
Environmentally Friendly - No environmental harm and a considerable decrease of river dumping pollution. Safe - Removes the risk of fire or explosion, as it does not need chlorine storage.

How can I choose the right model for my pool?

In the first place it is necessary establish, whether acts about swimming - pool private or open. At private swimming - pool can be determine device type according to his capacity. To open swimming - pool is necessary on the basis more information such as visit rate, running time etc . determine quantity chlorine needed to disinfection waters. Recommended maximum capacities off choice domestic converters 

MINI RP – 22 m3, AC 15 – 50 m3, SMC 20 – 80 m3, SMC 30 – 120m3, AC 50 – 220 m3.

What are the advantages of salt-water chlorination?

Salt-water chlorination makes your pool much easier to maintain, needing much less attention than a chlorine pool. Because the chlorinator is adding chlorine to your pool automatically, twice every day, there is much less chance of anything going wrong, avoiding costly clean up measures. Salt-water chlorination is less than half the cost of a chlorine pool to run. Saves time, saves money, eliminates problems! In addition, the mild salinity of the water does not have a "drying" effect on the skin (as does more salty sea water) and does not turn blond or grey hair green.

How long should my chlorinator work?

The running times will vary depending on issues such as pool size, temperature and pool usage. As a guide the following are based on an average pool size of 60 000 litres. The chlorinator should be run for approximately: 
8 hours during Summer 
6 hours during Autumn and Spring 
4 hours during Winter

How does the Autochlor saltwater chlorinator works?

A small amount of natural salt is dissolved into the pool water. The chlorinator's electrolytic cell is plumbed directly in-line with the pool equipment, typically after the heater. The power control unit is wired to the pool timer so it sanitizes the water when the pump is running. As the water flows through the electrolytic cell, electrolysis separates the salt water into its basic components, sodium and chloride. Pure chlorine gas is produced by this process and goes to work in the pool to oxidize bacteria and sanitize the pool water. Following this process the chloride and sodium re-bond and become natural salt again.

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