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AutoChlor RP 10 PIXIE

AutoChlor RP 10 PIXIE

  • Compact and lightweight form factor - allowing easy handling and installation in tight spaces
  • Robust Powder-Coated Steel Construction - delivering a durable and corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Simple User Interface - retaining only essential control functions
  • Robust and Reliable Transformer - resistant to power fluctuations and high temperatures
  • Tinted Polycarbonate Front Cover protecting the user interface against direct sunlight
  • IP56 Waterproof Switch and Circuit Breaker - providing safer user interaction
  • Multiple safety measures preventing damage caused by overloading, water flow interruption,    high/low salinity and other unforeseen events
  • External Aluminium Heatsink - providing enhanced cooling to alleviate internal heat
  • Reverse Polarity (RP) Function - reduces calcium build-up on electrodes, resulting in less   maintenance
  • Genuine AIS Anode - ensuring the longevity of the electrolytic cell
  • Proudly Australian Designed and Manufactured


380.png specifikace

* All test were conducted at the temperature of 26°C, pH 7.7, Salinity level 5000 ppm and Flow rate 200 l/m.

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